Super Birki Clog is a slip resistant, waterproof clog for chefs, nurses, gardeners or anyone who needs a durable professional clog with all day comfort and support.

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Manufactured by Birki
Birki's parent company is Birkenstock, check out the Wikipedia article on Birkenstock

super birki clogs

Birkenstock Super Birki Clog

Created in Germany, Birki's mission is to bring healthy foot support back to the customer. The Sport Clog, Super Birki Clog, and Professional Birki Clog are all TOP RATED for Chefs. But guess what else? They are perfect for nurses, doctors, gardeners, parents, campers, etc. People who are on their feet all day need a pair of Birki Clogs.

Super Birki Clog Features

These Clogs are washable; you actually can stick them in a dishwasher! Super Birki Clogs are made from Polyurethane, a material so tough it is resistant to heat, grease, oil, and acid. The replaceable insole is a linen-lined cork/latex material to repel moisture. The removable insole molds to your foot promising a custom made fit for ultimate comfort!

The Super Birki Clogs are so durable and comfortable that hospitals refer their doctors and nurses to wear them. Since you are able to wash the Super Birki Clog, medical staff can wear them without being worried about staining them from blood or other liquids. You can just wash them with soap and water!

The removable insole can be replaced allowing your Super Birki Clog to last you decades! For the cheap price of $75 to $90, the Super Birki Clogs are the most affordable shoes for you!